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Study with the Top 1% Tutors.

You get access to top notch experts and professors who have years of teaching experience through forums and chat sessions.

Custom made Tutoring & Test prep

We understand that the need of every particular student is different. Strategise your study plan and customise it according to your needs.

Access to Private Discussion Forum

Get premium access to private discussion forum. Interact with faculty, students and get your doubts cleared.

Expert Guidance & Mentorship

Get access to top notch faculty. Shoot them a query or ask for a live classroom session or just post in the private forum.

Get access to Premium Content

You get access to premium content of that particular institute. No need to spend extensively on physical learning.

Complete Online Testing

Solve interactive quizzes, puzzles and test yourself in a whole new way.Get graphical reports & analyse where you stand in the crowd.

Live Engaging Classes

Learn on Live Webinars, Live Virtual Classrooms and leverage the power of video conferencing all built-in one single interface.

Roadmap Videos

Plan your studies and schedule according to roadmap videos. Nail difficult concepts and get real-time insights.

Say goodbye to Distance Barriers

Can't join a live class because of distance? Join a private network and get mentorship from the same expert.

In-depth Analysis

Analysis is more important than testing. Get complete analysis on your performance section wise, topic wise, percentile wise and more.

Leverage the power of Collaborative Study

Collaborate and reach out to faculty members and other students to solve problems and share knowledge.

Unfair Advantage over others

Get down in the competition and compete with students from diverse backgrounds. The output is obviously increased productivity for all.

A Student-centered Teaching Approach

Getting an online education may help in ensuring that each lesson is completely understood before moving on to the next, which in turn; could result to better learning.

Links, Tools & other Digital Resources

Get access to links, tools and other digital resources useful for you and your community to better your learning.

Know where you stand

With lakhs of students appearing for one single exam, get to know where you stand in the crowd and plan accordingly.

24/7 Access Anytime, Anywhere on Any device

Get access to top notch faculty. Shoot them a query or ask for a live classroom session or just post in the private forum.



Connect with the best teachers who have years of teaching experience by joining their Private Networks. Get mentorship and access to expert faculty members.


Communicate effectively, efficiently and more productively through powerful internal messaging systems all built-in one single application.


Collaborate in real-time over webinars and virtual class-rooms.Achieve what the whole community is aiming for 'increased productivity by leveraging technology'.


Invent,create and develop better ideas to achieve specific goals and objectives by engaging the collective brain of the virtual community.